JD Williams VIP Web Page Design

BRIEF: Design and build a new responsive VIP Page based on a supplied Leaflet sent out to customers. The feature will entice customers to sign up to a new VIP account and gain access to rewards and perks offered by JDWilliams.


  • Initial research was carried out to determine points of interest and areas of significance to highlight from the leaflet and maximise the attention of the user.
  • The wireframe outlines possible functionality that could be included to expand the content. Also consideration on how external tools such as Monetate could interact with areas to create a more personalised experience.
  • A large amount of content was provided. Without much imagery supplied the challenge was to arrange the content in a pleasing following the leaflet.

SOLUTION: Discussion on how to arrange the content and printed examples guided the initial structure. A bold colourful page where defined areas of interest were framed. The use of bold flat colours kept the design simple and easy to read.


BRAND | JD Williams

WEBSITE | jdwilliams.co.uk

Gift Finder Functionality & Dress Icons

BRIEF: To implement a new gift finder feature to help customers discover the perfect dress for their shape.

PROCESS: Research was carried out to identify brands with similar functionality and layouts. Each of the 4 sections aim to offer clarity and direction in a fresh format with the brand pastel on click colours and custom drawn dress illustrations.


BRAND – Ambrose Wilson

Style Guides for Seasonal Site Refreshes

Each season after completing a brand redesign I put together some style guides and UI packs for the design team to follow. These would usually include fonts, buttons, icons and colours. Sometimes I also include guidance on how promotions could look. Although as long as the brand follows the same fonts offer styles can follow latest trends and new ideas.


BRAND – JD Williams
Simply Be
Viva La Diva

Product Window Banners

BRIEF1: Design a product window that can fit across a range of device widths whilst displaying bold photography.

PROCESS: Designing across multiple device widths is always a challenge. Instead of thinking about targeting specific devices I try to consider how the banners should work regardless of device width.


BRAND – JD Williams

Multivariate analysis

BRIEF2: Design some apple banners to fit various areas of the site. Create a mockup of the tech devices on sale. Ensure all content is clear.

PROCESS: When creating banners for different areas of the site consideration is taken to ensure that they are designed for the customer journey.


BRAND – JD Williams