About Me

Onside Creative
CSI Media
N Brown Group PLC
Rivendell Europe

2004 – 2007 BA Hons Illustration – Liverpool John Moores
Whilst studying Illustration I designed and built a small gallery in Dreamweaver. This inspired an interest in the code behind the design and working with the new trend in CMS systems I created my first portfolio on WordPress. I also gained confidence in Photoshop, developing illustrative techniques which gave me a creative edge when designing in the workplace.

2007 – Onside Creative – Graphic Designer
I graduated and found work locally in a small company. With their passion for a great logo and brochure design, I learnt the art of pixel perfection and smooth cut logos in Adobe Illustrator.

2008 – CSI Media – Senior UI Web Designer
Launched headfirst into the dizzy world of travel & insurance websites I hit the ground running. As the only designer in a team of 30 developers, it was my first full-time web design job. I was the lead designer making design and UI decisions that formed the backbone for some advanced travel sites.

2009 – Freelance – Designer | Front-End-Developer
1 year of freelancing taught me a lot. One of my first commissions was designing all of the branding for an eco-friendly lightbulb. Very creative and fun it’s something I’m still proud of the feature in my portfolio today. It was also the very first website in which I had to code a webpage from scratch. With just a little CSS and HTML knowledge I was forced through client requirement to learn more coding in a short space of time. Remember those books that used to say learn how to code a webpage in 24 hrs, well I did it in 3 days from youtube videos. Ok well maybe I already had some knowledge, but having a deadline and an open-minded client helped too.

2010 – 2015 JD Williams [N Brown Group plc] – Digital Designer | Front-End-Developer
Working in fashion and home I felt like I’d landed my dream job. With limitless scope for creativity, I was working on some of the UK’s most exciting brands. From Home & Gifts to Simply Be and Jacamo I’ve had a chance to work across almost every one of JDs 20 something brands. Some have come and gone and some have lived on to through a changing customer demographic and digital process. I have witnessed huge shifts in technology working with new tools such as Monetate and Amplience used to deliver a better customer experience.

2015 – Present – Rivendell Europe
In 2015 JDWilliams decided to outsource parts of the business to improve workflows and tech input from external sources. Creatively my job remained unchanged, for the most part, I still work across both creative and development. Rivendell sought to introduce new tools such as Monday.com, which has revolutionised the working week and streamlined work allowing more time for creative thinking, faster workflow and more connected client services.

Some more of my designs I didn’t include in my main gallery