How to travel to Lille from Manchester

Welcome to my new blog.

Getting the train to Northern France for Lille Flea Market. The biggest antiques fair in Europe.

Over the past few years I’ve traveled to over 20 countries, but never posted any of my most most interesting photos and tips. So here it is a new home for every destination.

Getting to Lille from Manchester on trains. So why did I choose this option vs flying. 1. its less to worry about. Getting a train is easy. 2.Getting a plane to Brussels Crl South with Ryanair and bus to Lille looked OK, but Ryanair keep cancelling flights and I really didn’t want to miss this antique fair. 3.This years trend I’m being eco friendly getting the train. 4.Its more exciting!

Option 1:

2hrs – Virgin Train to London – £22

1.5hrs – Eurostar to Brussels midi from St Pancreas London – £56

Optional overnight stay in YHA Hostel £25

Option 2:

Ryanair Plane to Brussels – £72 (booking in earlier may be cheaper)

1.40hr – Brussels CRL Airport Shuttle to Lille: €5 or trains £15-£27

Getting the Eurostar across

Please note I booked a return ticket to Brussels Midi as I am touring Belgium and because it was much cheaper. In this instance I should have looked a little harder to check that my super early train stopped Lille. Oops it didn’t! 😬 If you want to check the stops you can check via the SNCF app. Or if you find yourself in my situation you can book the next direct train TVG (Frances high speed train) on the app from Brussels Midi – Lille €30. It leaves Brussels every 3hrs and takes around 34 mins. Yay unscheduled half day trip in Brussels!

The Eurostar is a very comfortable train. Blue seats lots of legroom and much nicer than a Ryanair flight. In fact I went so early in the morning the seat next to me was empty. Security was much easier than getting on a flight with no liquid rules and sticky shampoo soaked plastic bags etc.

My half day in Brussels involved going to a flea market 15 min walk from the station. So if you ever have a short stay at Brussels midi store your luggage and head to the Marolles Flea Market