Homepage Wireframe Development

Advanced fully responsive homepage developed to optimize SEO, be updated on a regular basis, change over time and offer more flexibility. The below example was also created to support designers with updates. Each element was carefully considered to allow designers to change the build almost like components. As the design changes on a weekly basis the custom framework needed to be flexible and easy.


BRAND | JD Williams


Younger Fashion Custom Video Player

With the demise of flash, JDWilliams brands Fashionworld and Simply Be were looking for a new solution to add videos to the site integrating a new ‘Shop the Ad’ feature that worked across all platforms. This required research into a variety of JQuery plugins and modifying them to work on a separate server. A merge of two plugins was developed to offer the advantage of a gallery.


BRAND – Simply Be

Creating Reusable Banner Components

Ongoing projects to create reusable banners for the online team to use as starting templates for fast delivery of sale banners. Below are just two examples from a folder of various banners that have different layout requirements. Main homepage sale banners and under navigation banners are the two most used on the sites. These needed multiple choice layouts that were flexible and easy for the design team to make use of.


BRAND – JDWilliams

Multiple css backgrounds

Development & design of new Joe Browns PW banners. Recently with new css trends it has become possible to layer backgrounds. Joe Browns was the perfect brand to test this effect on and with the dropdown effect below there was also a nice movement within the sky background.


BRAND – JDWilliams